Works extensively with Iranian women outside the country and maintains a permanent contact with women inside Iran. The Women’s Committee is actively involved with many women's rights organizations and NGO's and the Iranian diaspora. The committee is a major source of much of the information received from inside Iran with regards to women. Attending UN Human Rights Commission meetings and other international or regional conferences on women’s issues, and engaging in a relentless battle against the Iranian regime's misogyny are part of the activities of members and associates of the committee.

A conference entitled, “Women Force for Change, Iran Uprising and the Role of Women,” held in Paris on Saturday, February 17, 2018, on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.

 The keynote speaker at this conference was the NCRI President-elect Maryam Rajavi.

Dozens of prominent women including political personalities, lawmakers, jurists, judges, and women’s rights advocates from 23 countries in five continents participated and declared their solidarity with the women of Iran, the Iranian Resistance, and the Iranian people’s uprising.

A delegation of mothers of martyrs, a delegation of Iranian women’s associations and rights activists, as well as a delegation of youth supporting the Iranian Resistance also spoke at the conference.

Musical performances, short video clips on the role of women in the Iran uprising and theatrical performances in this meeting were enthusiastically received by the audience. 

Maryam Rajavi

President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


Iran’s uprising is not only for the overthrow of a political regime, but is a revolt against religious fundamentalism. This would be a hopeful dawn not only for the people of Iran but for all the peoples of the region and the world.

Women have not taken to the streets to demand anything from the regime; rather, they want to eliminate the clerical regime. Women have not risen up to demand only their own freedom; they have risen up to liberate the whole nation. As attested by the experience of the past 39 years, it is not possible to fulfill the most rudimentary demands of women under this regime, from abolition of the compulsory veil to the elimination of all forms of discrimination and inequality. Women did not benefit from the game of so-called reformists vs. hardliners. Women’s rights are not obtained unless by overthrow of the clerical regime. Regime change is the right of Iranian woman and the only way to achieve freedom and equality.

Contrary to the mullahs’ claims, imposing the veil (Hijab) by compulsion is diametrically against Islam. Faith is based on one’s free choice and out of free will. Whenever the regime wants to politically suffocate the society, they launch a campaign to arrest women under the pretext of improper veiling. Mojahedin women participated in the protest march against the compulsory veil in March 1979, although they wore the scarf, themselves.

The day, when Iranian women destroy the roots of fundamentalism in Iran, freedom and equality will make a leap forward all across the world. Therefore, supporting the Iranian people’s uprising against fundamentalism is the greatest project of our time for advocates of women’s rights. Any activity in defense of the arrested women, any effort to expose the torture of prisoners, and anything you do to compel your governments to severe relations with the clerical regime, is going to be very effective.

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Sarvnaz Chitsaz

Chair of the NCRI Women's Committee

Excerpts of remarks at IWD Conference - Paris, 2018


Let me congratulate ahead of the International Women's Day, all the women of Iran and the world and especially you, dear guests, who have come from various countries in the five continents to attend this meeting.

I would also like to salute all the courageous women and girls of Iran whose courage has been witnessed by the world. We are proud of each and every one of them.

Every day, because of my responsibility, I learn of the pain and suffering, and suppression of my fellow countrywomen. On the other hand, I hear of their resistance. It is imperative for me to stress that your activities in the equality movement around the world, is an enormous power to the struggle of women in Iran against the ruling fundamentalist regime.

I am very grateful for your presence and support.

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Professor Rita Süssmuth

Former Speaker of the German Bundestag (1988-1998)

Elected woman of the year in 1987

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


What happened in Iran shows that so many years when a lot of people were tortured and died will not be forgotten. We are grateful for all these women and men who demand freedom. Freedom of speech, and freedom of lifestyle.

I am very glad that we are here together with Mrs. Rajavi. We are lost, when there is no one to guide. I hope that female leadership today would be different from male guidance.

There has always been criticism that women are unable to lead the world and be really creative. They are not representatives of peace. But now we can see that women can do all these. There is a common need to work together for peace, freedom and trust in human potentials.

My conviction is that together we are very strong. We have capability, creativity and competence, not for murder and wars, but for life. We have to teach all the world, that not only in Iran, but all the world needs to change.

As a European woman, a German woman, I hope that we develop more sympathy for all the refugees. We can afford more. We have to have a new feeling of solidarity.

We need the elimination of all discriminations, all the violence. I hope that today, we can start once more. Let us work together and fight together. Together we are strong.

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Prof. Rashida Manjoo

Former United Nations Special Rapporteur on violence against women (June 2009-July 2015)

Professor of Public Law in the University of Cape Town, South Africa

Former parliamentary commissioner on the Commission on Gender Equality in South Africa

Eleanor Roosevelt fellow with Human Rights Program at Harvard Law School

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


Political activists are arrested for a number of reasons, including being affiliated with opposition groups and religious minorities, and for being involved in journalism.

Women prisoners are subjected to various forms of violence in detention.

Solitary confinement of women is another form of abuse of women.

Arbitrary arrests and detention are widely practiced in Iran with women.

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person.

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary detention and confinement.

International law prescribes that all detainees must be treated with dignity and respect. Unfortunately, this is not the reality for women imprisoned in Iran.

Silence and complicity by international community allows this to continue.

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Dr. Ranjana Kumari

Director of the Centre for Social Research (CSR) – India

Chairperson for Women Power Connect, member of the Facebook International Safety Advisory Board and Twitter Trust and Safety Council

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


Thank you for inviting me to this event especially when there is good news that the brave women of Iran are fighting for freedom. We will also fight along with Mrs. Rajavi.

When we saw the images of these brave women and men in the streets of Iran, we knew that freedom is there. They will not go back.

47 million Iranian women, men and children are on the social networks. The social networks are very effective. Iranian youth are using the social networks effectively to get together in the Iranian spring.

We shall stand with you with your fearless fight until victory.

The most important thing is that this is a movement for freedom and against all forms of discrimination. This misogynist and fundamentalist force will be defeated by women.

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Aude de Thuin

Founder and President of Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society - France

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


Women are victims in many countries of the world and specifically in Iran.

Women who rebel and don’t back down are increasingly at risk. But since they want the freedom of their country, they overcome the risks.

Iran’s women have dared to defy power and put their life at risk.

For western media, the only right for women is taking off their veil. They do not ask what women want for their countries.

Women are the key element of the movement for profound change in their own lives and in their own country.

It is time for the world to see and admire the courage of Iranian women. This is why I am here, for freedom of Iranian women, freedom of speech, freedom to live free.

We need to encourage and admire the women of Iran.

We should not let Iranian women fight alone. We must reach out and help them.

A world without free, equal women will not work.

Women are 50 percent of the population. We are also the mothers of the other 50 percent.

Let us make it a century for women and a century for Iranian women.

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Rama Yade

Former Minister of Human Rights - France

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


The world will remember that this deep revolution was led by women and by mothers.

Their sacrifice is not in vain. You have broken the indifference of cowards. You have risen above your human condition. You have created a page in the history of Iran.

Never doubt that a small group of conscious, committed individuals can change the world.

We are proud more than ever before to support and stand with you.

The people of Iran have risen up for freedom. They want regime change. We must support them. The protesters are risking their lives.

This is a fight for history, for the world. It is all our lives that are being determined in the streets of Iran. We are grateful to these courageous people. Thank you Mrs. Rajavi.

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Baroness Sandip Verma

Member of the House of Lords - UK

Former Minister of International Development until 2016

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


People standing with you believe in what you are fighting for and what you are calling for.

Let us ask our governments what they are going to do to challenge what is happening in Iran.

Human rights abuses are the same in any country.

The freedom to express yourself is the right of every individual on this Earth.

This is not a fight for only a small group, but for all people who deserve to enjoy their human rights.

As we are engaging with you, what is happening in Iranian jails?

Why are people getting disappeared?

Social and economic change will only come when women are in leadership roles.

Let us not have just one Mrs. Rajavi, but millions of them. We need lots of voices.

So that we can have a world that is free of oppression and suppression.

It is our duty to challenge the political space wherever we are.

The free women and men of Iran expect us to stand up with them.

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Delegation of mothers of martyrs

Mother Ibrahimpour, representing the delegation

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


Mother Ibrahimpour explained the story of her family. She has lost three sons, a daughter and her husband in the struggle for freedom in Iran.

Freedom is not something that they give us, we should demand freedom.

Martyrs expect us to follow their path.

Go to the prisons and stay there until the children are freed.

My young daughters and sons, you should be united.

We are conveying your voice to the rest of the world.

There are thousands of mothers like me all over Iran.

We will not abandon our children’s path; we will not let them be forgotten.

Be brave like a lion. The mullahs are afraid of you. They have reached the end of the line.

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Hoda Badran

Chairperson of the Alliance for Arab Women (AAW) – Egypt

President of Arab Women’s League

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


In 2009 uprising in Iran which lasted six months, women wanted freedom. Women were always at the forefront of this fight.

Today, we see in this new revolt, that women have been extremely courageous. And they are fighting against the police and encourage others not to fear anyone. They call on everyone to be on their side.

Misogyny is one of the main characteristics of Islamic fundamentalism. The Iranian women’s struggle with the women activists of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran as its vanguard, is the struggle against the focal point of the Islamic fundamentalism, which is the clerical regime ruling Iran. The overthrow of the theocracy in Iran will bring about a major achievement for the region in general and for women in particular.

Supporting the Iranian people’s uprising and defending the Iranian women in this path is a moral responsibility and a necessary step in struggle against Islamic fundamentalism.

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Linda Chavez

American author, commentator, radio talk show host, syndicated columnist

Chair of Center for Equal Opportunity - USA

Highest ranking woman in President Reagan's White House

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


You cannot reform a totalitarian regime that controls everything.

By their uprising, the people of Iran said enough is enough. We do not want reform. We want regime change. Death to Khamenei.

There must be something to replace an evil dictator with. In Iran, we have Mrs. Rajavi to replace the dictatorship in Iran and bring freedom to people.

It is not a question of the person, but the principles she stands for.

Separation of religion and state, independent Judiciary, women’s equal participation in leadership.

When half of the population is deprived of freedom, no one enjoys freedom.

Mrs. Rajavi’s movement is the force for change.

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Maria Candida Almeida

Deputy Attorney General - Portugal

Former Attorney General until 2015

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


I salute the women of Iran who are fighting for freedom and democracy.

Discriminations against women are increasing every year under the Iranian regime. This is why people took to the streets and said they would not stop until freedom comes to Iran.

8,000 people have been arrested in Iran, including many women.

You will have freedom and democracy for your country because women are courageous.

Mrs. Rajavi thank you for leading this movement and for never giving up. Women have learned from you. Your determination was shown in the recent protests.

Nothing will stop Iranian women, who had a very active role to play.

To the women of Iran: we are with you in your just demand to restore freedom and democracy. We will be your voice in the international organizations.

One day, the people of Iran will be free and there will be justice for all people who were mistreated and abused.

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Maria Elena Elverdin

President of International Federation of Women in Legal Career (FIFCJ) - Argentina

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


I salute the women of Iran and personally, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi.

How can we explain the silence of the International Community, for example, Argentina?

As a woman and a lawyer, I want justice to win.

I like Iranian women to hear that we are listening to their cries.

We know this generation of youth have brought more fire to the flame of freedom.

The time is counting down for the regime.

I am in solidarity with the Iranian Resistance in their fight against this misogynist regime.

The Federation of Women in Legal Careers supports you, Mrs. Rajavi.

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Susana Medina

Minister of the High Court of Justice of Entre Ríos (2004 - present) - Argentina

President of the International Association of Women Judges (IAWJ) and President of the Association of Women Judges of Argentina (AMJA)

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


I express my solidarity with the brave women of Iran.

We should build bridges of knowledge and solidarity all over the world against the injustice in Iran.

We cannot let violations of women’s rights happen in Iran.

We are here to offer our protection to you. The world should protect you.

We are working on human rights of suffering women. The world should support the struggle of Iranian women and the movement of Mrs. Rajavi.

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Senator Ingrid Betancourt

Former presidential candidate in Columbia

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


I salute the very brave and courageous women of Iran.

I salute Mrs. Rajavi the face of Iranian women, and I salute all the brave women in this hall.

The brave young women of Iran who dare to challenge the Iranian regime.

They face prison. They have no right to defense, to visit their families, because they dared to think differently.

Women are demanding basic human rights, the abolition of the death penalty and the compulsory veil, they say no to nuclear program.

Iranian women’s fight is a fight against a criminal regime.

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Najat Al-Astal

Member of Parliament - Palestine

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


We are proud of standing with the Iranian Resistance.

We salute your struggle and your fight for democracy and dignity.

The revolution of Iranian women and standing for a sovereign Iran, means they are standing for democracy and demanding their own and their people’s rights.

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Suheir Al-Atassi

Member of the Syrian Opposition Coalition and former Vice Chair of the Council

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


During the past 7 years, we have had the exceptional opportunity to discover the women’s energy. They ask for freedom and construction of democracy. They want to take the dictatorship to court.

Because of Assad dictatorship and its ally, the Iranian regime, the people of Syria have paid a heavy price. We want the world to help stop this daily torture and killing by the Assad regime.

We want the foundation of a new government which has no place for Assad and these criminals.

Mrs. Rajavi is a pioneer among Iranian women. She is an icon for you and also for us.

She is working to free Iran and also Syria from the clutches of the clerical regime.

We also believe in her ten-point plan for future of Syria.

The people of Iran and Syria have the right to have freedom.

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Zinat Mir Hashemi

NCRI members and Editor of Nabard-e Khalq, publication of the People’s Fedayeen Guerrilla organization of Iran

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


We are prouder than ever before.

We are holding our heads high for the role women have played in the recent uprising in Iran.

This uprising had a crucial role.

Undoubtedly, the presence of women in the political and social sphere is crucial for democracy in Iran.

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 Anissa Boumediene

Expert on Islam and former First Lady of Algeria

Excerpts of remarks at IWD Conference - Paris, 2018


Today, we salute the courageous women of Iran who are struggling against fundamentalism.

Recently, on January 27, a political spokesman for the Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) announced that 80% of those arrested (during the uprising) are under 30 years of age and they include women.

What a defeat for the mullahs’ regime! Because with this admission, they are implying recognition of the fact that youths born under the clerical regime who have not experienced any other government except religious dictatorship, are rejecting this regime. And that they are demonstrating their frustration despite being aware of the possibility of imprisonment and the risk to their lives.

Western government must not close their eyes and ears again on this uprising for freedom and popular sovereignty.

Yes, Maryam (Rajavi)! We stand with you as we stand by all our Iranian sisters in their relentless struggle seeking to tear the chains and shackles of the women of Iran.

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Najima Thay Thay

former Minister of Education and Youth- Morocco

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


It is an honor to be with you today on the International Women’s Day.

We continue to support the Iranian people’s fight against the religious dictatorship.

I would like to recognize the Iranian opposition women inside Iran and outside Iran. We need to do away with injustice and persecution of women.

We, in this hall, represent all the women who are persecuted around the world.

The cause of Iranian women does not concern only Iranian women but is a global cause.

Iranian women led by Mrs. Rajavi are fighting against extremism.

Moroccan women will not be quiet until Iranian women and Syrian women achieve their goals.

I am happy to have supported the Iranian Resistance for a very long time.

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Khadija Ziyani 

Member of Parliament – Morocco

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018



Indeed, it is very unfortunate that Iranian women are subjected to so much oppression, violence, humiliation, and subjugation. They are arrested and imprisoned by the ruling regime only for demanding freedom and an honorable life.

The conduct of Iran’s rulers is an affront to Islam. Islam is not what the mullahs ruling Iran are doing in suppression of women.

Endless salutes to the women of Iran for their glorious perseverance. The women who are eager for freedom from extremism. Glory to them and may all of Iran’s women embrace freedom.

I sincerely wish that March 8 would bear happiness for all Iranian women.

And I hope that the International Women’s Day would be a day of goodness and beauty for the women of Iran and all the women of the world.

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Bozena Kaminska

Member of Parliament from Poland

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


We should not leave the Iranian women alone in their struggle.

We are going to convey their voice.

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Sonia Hornery

Member of Parliament from Australia

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018

When it comes to Iranian sisters, their progress has been reverse. Women do not have the rights they enjoyed in 1979.

But Iranian sisters are strong and brave and they will achieve much in their quest for democracy.

Mrs. Rajavi, we hope we can reach equality for all women.

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Maria Grecea

Former Member of Parliament from Romania

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


This year, I am more confident than ever that Iranian women will achieve what they want.

The time for dialogue with the Iranian regime has passed.

The time has come for democratic governments to impose sanctions on Tehran until it respects its people’s human rights.

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Margarita Duran Vadell

Historian, journalist, Senator (2011-2015) – Spain

Vice-President of INCO Human Rights

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


We express our concern about the health of Atena Daemi and Golrokh Iraee.

We in the West cannot turn a blind eye on the human rights violations in Iran.

Europe cannot forget its democratic beliefs and values and must heed the calls of the people of Iran.

Mrs. Rajavi, you spread hope when you tell your people that you can and you must.

It is an honor to be with you and your movement.

We can and we must help you free Iran.

We must open the eyes of the world leaders to stand with you and recognize your movement as the only legitimate opposition in Iran.

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Eva Duran Ramos

President of INCO Human Rights Organization, EPP representative for Puente de Vallecas, Member of Parliament (2011-2016)- Spain

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


Freedom is not given. It should be demanded by oppressed people.

We want to recognize you, Mrs. Rajavi, and your movement.

We want to stand by you in your call to the Council of Europe to help free all people who are imprisoned. You defend the people who give their lives for freedom.

All the people who died and gave their lives for freedom are present in your courage.

You enjoy the support of all the people who want freedom.

You enjoy the support of the people of Spain because they know you want freedom.

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Prof. Sara Chandler, QC

President of European Federation of Lawyers - UK

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


I am honored to support the courageous women of Iran. They deserve our admiration in their peaceful protests.

The heart of the resistance are the brave women and girls of Iran.

For too long, the officials of the regime have enjoyed impunity.

We are gravely concerned about the lack of independence of the Judiciary in Iran.

We are also concerned about the safety of the PMOI in Albania.

We demand the immediate release of Iranian protesters and political prisoners.

We are going to stand with you as long as you need us.

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Delegation of Iranian women

Shirin Nariman, representing the delegation

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


Women have been at the forefront of the recent uprising in Iran.

But this is not the first time women are participating in the struggle for our country’s freedom.

In March 1979, we were supporters of the Mojahedin and we participated in the demonstration in Tehran defending women’s right to have freedom of choice for their clothing and covering.

I also remember as a young woman, that the PMOI respected young girls who had just entered political activity. We learned to respect ourselves and have self-confidence.

During the 1980s, thousands of young women and girls were executed just because they believed in freedom and their rights.

The beauty of Iranian women’s struggle is that the same spirit still exists and going strong. Today, we see women who are fearless and shout “death to the dictator” in the face of officers.

Iranian women will never surrender and will never give up, until the regime is overthrown. Women will write their own destiny.

Iranian women in exile stand with our sisters in Iran, and the bright future is not far away.

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Delegation of Iranian Youth

Sahar Sanaii, representing the delegation

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


We are the post-revolution generation, having felt the regime's repression with our flesh and bone. From the first day, we have seen our parents behind prison bars. And very soon, we learned that for achieving democracy, we have to even give up our lives.

I also say this proudly, that we have a lot of symbols in our generation.  I can mention Neda, Asiyeh, Nastaran, Neda Agha Sultan, Taraneh Moussavi, or Reyhaneh Jabbari. Or my dear Saba (Haftbaradaran) who taught us that you have to stand for your word until the last breath.

Yes, we are rebellious women. We want the regime's overthrow.

We will stand to the end to overthrow this brutal, misogynist regime. And we say no to compulsory religion and the compulsory veil.

The PMOI members although they wore headscarves, but they defended women who did not cover their hair. They defended women's freedom of choice. They respect the choice of every human being. 

Our message to the mullahs: Be afraid of the day when these women will soon brush you aside from the Iranian scene and put you in the dustbin of history. 

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Ramesh Sepehrad

Scholar Practitioner from George Mason University - USA

Moderator of the event on behalf of the organizing committee

Excerpts of remarks at IWD conference – Paris, 2018


Over the years we have come together in commemoration of International Women’s Day; 2018, however, has proven to be a different year. We cannot help but to feel the vibe and energy of the recent Iranian uprising in this room.

The uprising that is not just political, social or economic in nature, it is led by courageous women and youth who shout in the streets of cities and towns across Iran and say, “down with Khamenei and Rouhani”, “Reformers, Hardliner, your game is now over.”

-          No other regime in the world has executed as many women, mostly Muslim women, as the regime in Iran

-          No other regime in the world practices public hanging and stoning of women like the regime in Iran

-          No other regime in the world has raped female political prisoners on the night before their execution like the regime in Iran

-          No other regime in the world has executed pregnant women like the regime in Iran.

You may ask why a regime would resort to such deep and disturbing levels of violence. The answer to that lies in one simple fact: Women are the force of change and it will be the Iranian women who will bring this regime down.

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Conference’s resolution

We the undersigned of 2018 Women's Conference in Paris believe:
1. The brave revolt of the Iranian women against the regime is beyond just fighting against the compulsory veiling. It is for ending the theocratic dictatorship in its entirety and establishing democracy and freedom. 
Today, women are indeed the force for change in Iran. We support and celebrate the courageous women of Iran. 
2. The Iranian regime has been put on notice. First by the Iranian women, second by the Iranian nation. Our message to the Iranian regime is your days are numbered. A democratic change in Iran is inevitable and it is on the horizon. 
3. The recent uprising in Iran is another manifestation of nearly four decades of a long glorious resistance against misogyny, tyranny and the relentless visionary and the relentless leadership of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi. And the Resistance is vital for the freedom of Iran and Iranian women.

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